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Palash | Kesuda | Dhak Flower | पलाश | ढाक के फूल



Palash or Dhak tree represent moon planet (Chandram grah) . Flower of this tree is used for puja of Maa Saraswati and Maa Kali. Hawan with palash flower get rid off bad effect of moon planet. It also has great medicinal uses. In the occasion of Holi festival, color made up of palash flower are used to play Holi. A great scientific reason behind use of palash flower in holi festival.

Other names of Palash are Flame-of-the-forest, tamāla (तमाल), Palasha (पलाश), ḍhāk (ढाक), bastard teak, parrot tree, chichra tesu, desuka jhad, dhaak, chalcha, kankrei, chheula (छेउला), paḷas, kesudo, palashpapra, Muthuga, kinshuk, polash, pauk, polāx, porasum, parasu, muriku, shamata, moduga, khakda, kela, ploso, semarkat api, Palayp tree.

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