पूजा जप आसन / Premium Quality Big Size PUJA JAP Black AASAN


Size : Big

Quality : Premium

Premium quality Big Size Black woolen aasan (काला ऊनि आसन) for puja jaap.

The use of the black asana is for simply in Mahakali Sadhana, Kaal Bhairav Sadhana, and Chhinnamasta Sadhana. Besides, Rahu Planet Sadhana, Saturn planet, meditation observe, Mahakal Sadhana, etc. If you wish to try to do any of those practices or chant Mantras, albeit you are doing. You want to use black-colored Asanas solely. Then you may get the result of the complete mantra chant and, your work gets complete before long.
When meditation finishes while sitting in a black puja Asana, it starts meditating before long.
By sitting on a Black Woolen Puja Asana, the seeker receives the grace of divinity Mahakali.

Weight 190 g
Dimensions 71 × 54 cm


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