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Every disciple should keep a Paduka at the worship place in the name of his Guru and it should be worshiped daily. Apply Chandan Sandalwood on the Paduka. Those who keep the Paduka in the house, it is very sure that they will have a good wealth, prosperity & flow of happiness at home.

Paduka is the name of India’s oldest, most quintessential footwear. Paduka also means foot prints of Hindu gods such as Vishnu, Shiva and other religious icons that are worshipped in this symbolic form in houses and also in temples built for this purpose.

As per Ramayana, Bhagwan Sri Rama lovingly blessed his brother with his padukas. These Padukas, reminded Bharata of the ideals of Sri Rama & symbolized his presence through the 14 years of his exile.

Purpose : They symbolize God’s presence and daily worship of these Padukas help to step into a life of fullness.

Length : 6.14″ long

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Weight 202 g
Dimensions 15.6 × 14 cm


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